How to have an adventure….

At church recently, we sang the song which begins with the line, ‘There must be more than this….’.

I looked around at the group of worshippers, not entirely sure that any of us were really absorbing the words….but later it made me think.  What do we really mean, when we sing, ‘There must  be more than this?’

The Bible’s a pretty good guide for this kind of thing (ha!) and  my brain flicked back to Paul and all that he endured for the Gospel.

A few years back, I was in Malta in a place called St Paul’s Bay, which is the place where Paul was said to have been shipwrecked.  There is a little stretch of land offshore, where a huge statue of Paul stands.   I remember one day, walking along the shore and looking out at that statue and thinking about Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh’ and how, in addition to that,  he endured snake bites, threats of  death, beatings, jail and so much more.  He must have,  at times, utterly despaired  at all he was enduring for the sake of Jesus.    But he could do it, because he’d simply had a glimpse of ‘more’.   He knew, deep down, into the depths of his socks, that there was MORE, that it WAS worth dying for, being beaten for….he’d caught a glimpse of the glory of God and he was happy to give up everything in its pursuit.

But, in my life, which is fairly comfortable, how do I get to the point of needing/wanting ‘more’?  Why is it so easy to settle and be satisfied with my relationship with God, when the Bible says there is something literally ‘incomparable’ to be had.   Why would I settle for anything less?

At work, the radio is always on (tuned to UCB, of course!) and some days, I am so busy, I don’t really ‘hear’ it, but yesterday, I heard one of our regular contributors talk again about ‘surrender’.

To get ‘more’, you have to ‘surrender’ and that’s not just a nice word in a song, that means literally saying to God, ‘I am DONE doing it my way…take everything….the good bits, the bad bits, the attitudes, the grumps, the things I watch, the things I read and listen to….the friendships, the family….everything.’

Probably just about the scariest thing you can ever do….and yet, it’s also pretty crazily  liberating to chuck everything up in the air and say, ‘I can’t do it on my own….but I know I can, with the ‘more’ that God offers.

It’s a completely insane adventure…and one that can take you to places you’d never dreamed.    It probably involves some risk, some pain and sometimes even being misunderstood.     But I like adventure…and I want to try this one… 🙂