Go on…surprise me…

I like surprises. I always have done.

They don’t have to be extravagant, budget-stretching surprises, but sometimes just an email to say, ‘thinking of you’ or a card in the post, can make the difference between a good day and a not-so-good day.

Last week, I was feeling a bit rough and woke up one morning with a bad case of the dawdling doldrums…or the DDs.  I laid in bed and thought grumpy thoughts for a while, but not surprisingly, that didn’t help, so I got up, made a cuppa and picked up a devotional I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

That day’s reading was all about surprises and how God is a) not surprised when we are upset or stressed and b) He actually likes to surprise us with good stuff.

I couldn’t find any exact theological evidence to back it up, but it made sense. God loves me, so it’s sort of logical that He’d do nice things. The challenge at the end of the reading was, ‘Ask God to surprise you today’.

So I did. It was a fairly simple prayer (in the mornings, I am always VERY simple!!) along the lines of; ‘ I don’t mind what it is, but I’d love it if I could feel that sense of ‘awe’ again. Please could you surprise me somehow, today.’  Maybe it was a bit selfish, after all, I’ve friends who are suffering awfully at the moment, and that’s before I even begin to think more widely about the world, but in the depths of the ‘DDs’, I thought I’d ask for a bit of divine intervention anyway.

The day ticked on and I actually forgot the prayer, till about 9pm when I logged into Facebook and nearly fell off my perch.

There was a PM from an old friend that I had long lost touch with. It’s one of those friendships where you instantly click and though we’d only spent a couple of weeks together, sharing a house, we kept in touch. But time and distance had done their work and I think we’d last spoken about 8 years ago. But now here she was, in my Facebook inbox.

Her message was even more special….she’d taken the day off sick and for reasons she didn’t understand, had been thinking about me. She said I’d been on her mind all day and she’d been praying for me…till in the end, she got online to try and find me.

I worked it out; because of the time difference, at the point I was asking God for a ‘surprise’, she was sleeping, but when she woke up, I was on her mind.

Bit overwhelming really, because to me it says that God cares about all of my small needs, as much as my big ones.

He doesn’t always answer prayer the way we want him to and He definitely does it in His timeframe, but I think he always, always makes his presence known, often through little things like this. This sweet, unexpected message just reminded me that He’s got the details sorted.

I love surprises….especially the God-kind. :).