I did a silly thing…

I did something a bit silly today!  Even as I was about to do it, there was a bit of a tug in my head; ‘Don’t do it…you’ll just regret it….

But hey, I know better, right?  So I did it anyway!

For the record, it wasn’t anything illegal or immoral,  just a stupid thing that I knew, in my heart of hearts, was probably not what God wanted me to do.

And of course, as soon as the deed was done, in poured the condemnation – that little voice that yells, ‘TOLD you not to….WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?’   Yada, yada, yada.

I mulled for a bit and then looked up and noticed that the Broadcast Floor TV was tuned to Phil Pringle.    The volume was muted and I had no idea what he was preaching on, but I plugged my headphones in and started listening online.    Within 20 seconds of switching it on, he said, ‘There is nothing stupid you can do that is a match for the grace of God….nothing…so accept it, ask for forgiveness and move on’.

I had a little smile to myself, listened to the end of the preach and then about 30 minutes later, up cropped a little kernel of doubt.    “Yup”, said Doubt Voice, “that was just a coincidence…God doesn’t really speak to you like that….random occurence….why would God want to talk to you, eh?”

And then, the next preacher came on….and the subject?  Balaam’s Donkey….the speaker said, ‘If God can talk to a stinking, smelly donkey…you think He can’t talk to YOU?’

I burst out laughing!

Love it when God smacks you between the eyes, with something He wants to say…. 😉


  1. LOVE this….we are just SO unbelieving at times….how often do we need telling? As a mum of 3….I realise how it hurts when our off
    spring do things that they know we wouldn’t advise them to do. WHY then do we, as adults do the same to God, our heavenly FATHER? As Phil Pringle said…His GRACE is more than a match for our stupidity. AMEN!!!!

  2. Wow, I really never thought someone like you would feel like that – I always do cos I still haven’t fully committed myself to His service (stupid, I know!). So thanks Paula for sharing this, its made me feel better…normal. 🙂

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