No one understands me…

There were some crazy people in the Bible.  I mean, like really crazy.

The Yiddish word for men like Jonah and Noah and Abraham and John the Baptist would probably be ‘Meshugana’.


noun, Slang

a crazy person.

In other words, they were people that no one understood.  People who were called to do wild and random things, that mostly had no place in reality.

I like people who are a bit different, people who haven’t walked a straight path, who don’t have ‘pat’ answers and who wrestle with God, life and all its questions.

I usually grin a bit when I read stories of crazy men like these, all four who were asked to do seemingly nutty things that didn’t make sense, but they did it anyway.

Noah – told to build a huge ship and take his family and ‘2 of every kind’ on board, because God was going to wipe out humanity with a flood.


The Bible doesn’t say what Noah’s response was, but perhaps if it was my project,  I’d have asked plenty of questions, probably consulted my nearest and dearest, had plenty of sleepless nights and wondered if I’d really heard from God.

Jonah – ‘Go and tell the heathens to turn and repent’.  And Jonah in his wisdom, did a runner.  Though, God eventually got his attention in a rather spectacular fashion.

Abraham – he and the missus wanted a baby, more than anything.  But it didn’t happen.  In the end, at the grand old age of 99, God told Abraham that he’d have a son.  He hung on and believed (there were a few wobbles with the Missus, mind), even though everything said logically, this was an impossibility.

And then Isaac came along.

And John-the-B – clearly nuts!  The fore-runner for the Messiah, wandered through the desert in a loincloth, munching on locusts, declaring the way of the Lord.

Do that in Stoke, and you’d soon get locked up and sectioned.

But these four guys all have something in common – God spoke to them all.   They were all men of God, all asked to do something a bit radical, a bit strange, a bit unusual, all asked to do something which would probably mean they’d be laughed at and mocked, but they did it anyway.

They were completely misunderstood, but felt they had heard God’s voice, and that was enough.

For me, these stories say so much;

  • Sometimes God invites us on a journey of faith, to believe for the impossible
  • Sometimes, God asks us to wait, to be still, to stop running
  • And sometimes, the ways of God aren’t straightforward, sometimes He does take us on the circular route

But perhaps most importantly, if you feel like you’re on a ‘God journey’ that no one else understands, read the Bible. You’re in good company.



Noah...crazy dude