A signed contract

Today, an amazing deal was signed… and I got to be just a teeny part of it.

To explain, a few weeks ago at work, we received an incredibly sad email. It was from a gal I’ll call Janet and she was in a really messy situation.

She wasn’t a Christian but had somehow found herself listening to our station. She’d recently been to a church but had been effectively turned away because her face didn’t fit. The details of the email made my blood run cold – I felt angry that she could be treated so badly. I replied and offered to help her find a church that would accept her.

I didn’t hear any more from her – until today. She’d had an accident and had been in hospital, but she was still curious about Jesus, still searching.

Today was crazy, crazy busy in so many ways, but I knew this was important, so we ended up swopping a lot of emails, where she asked loads of questions. I could only answer from my personal experience….that ultimately, God loves us, is passionate about having a relationship with us and following Him is the toughest life of all, second only to not following Him.

I didn’t know where this was headed, till just after 2.30, in pinged an email which said, ‘I’m sick and sore but I have just knelt and I have repented of my sins and asked Jesus to take over my life’.

I was drinking tea at the time and nearly choked as I shouted out, ‘flip me….she’s gone and done it!’

One of the (many) bonuses to working in a Christian organisation is that you can down tools and pray when you need to, so we did; for Janet, her pain, her situation and overwhelming thankfulness that without much instruction, her heart knew what it wanted; Jesus.

They say the angels rejoice when someone accepts Jesus….I don’t know about them, but I sang LOUDLY in the car all the way home.

I’m still stunned now, hours later when I think that today, I got to witness the signing of a beautiful, perfect contract between a weary soul and her Saviour.