There must be more than this…

If I could sum up my week in one sentence, it would be; There must be more than this.

Before anyone thinks I’m clinging to a cliff-edge, I’m not (phew!)…lemme explain.

I’m super fortunate to work where I do. I love that if we have someone filming in the building, that it’s ok to down tools and go and watch/listen.

One of this week’s speakers was Simon Foster, a guy who at one point represented Ireland at Eurovision, was big time into show business. His story is one of freedom from abuses, a life he didn’t want and many other things – he’s now married with a daughter, working as a pastor in Bristol.

His theme was that we’ve lost sight of Jesus. We can be SO caught up in life and conflict and stresses, that we struggle to see things in the radical way Jesus did/does. The only reason he knows is because he lived in a world that hated the church and all it stood for. People in his circle were genuinely gasping for a spiritual drink…but at church? Nah…not a chance. Why would you go to church, to only be judged?

Simon reached his absolute lowest point…and then, he found Jesus.

Yesterday, as if to smack me round the chops further, I finally got round to watching a short film on YouTube by Dan Baumann. My dad emailed me a version, earlier in the week and it took me till Thursday, to finally get around to watching it. Dan is a guy who was imprisoned in Iran and after reaching his ultimate low (and trying to kill himself in his cell) had a vision of Jesus which changed his life forever.

The theme again….more, more…there MUST be more than this.

Both of these chaps told stories about an encounter with Jesus which changed everything, changed the way they thought, loved, lived…it all became about Jesus; the Mighty Lion Aslan, the one who dies, moves stones and comes back to life, the one raises the dead, who forgives the worst sinners, who heals and restores… all without barely batting an eyelid.

But, the truth is…He’s not always easily found. The uncomfortable truth is that to really (and I mean really find Him, I’ve got to come to the end of myself. There’s got to be no place else left to go.

Dan Baumann says that all of life is about intimacy – everything we go through is about getting closer to Jesus. And when we do, we learn this massive lesson, there IS more than this…so much, much more.

Please take 10 minutes to watch Dan’s story. If you’re anything like me, it’ll change the way you think.