Don’t stop running….

I’m on week 6 of a training schedule at the moment. I’ve done a few sponsored runs before, but I wanted this one to be different. So for once, instead of just turning up on the day, having done a bit of vague flapping about in the weeks beforehand, I decided to do it properly and actually train. Genius idea, eh?

Anyway, tonight I decided to hit the trail behind the house. It was windy, cold and shockingly sunny (sun in England, is always a bit of a shock) and I didn’t know where I was headed…just vaguely hoping to avoid too much uphill stuff and oh, avoid sliding into the muddy sewer which I’m fairly sure is nearby.

I avoided both…and on the way home, as I rounded the corner, this was my view;

Evening run

I slowed, stopped and took a few pictures…but while the dazzling sunshine was lovely, it was the path which caught my eye.

The path ahead, which winds round a corner, leading to where?

I’ll hardly be the first to draw a parallel between physical running and my spiritual/God journey….but it really is true.

As I felt the sun’s warmth on my (already glowing/beetroot) face, I caught a few heaving breaths and realised that yep, no matter what happens, I HAVE to keep running.

If I look behind me, I’ll trip up.

If I look to the side, I’ll lose my balance and possibly end up in the sewer.

If I look ahead, to the horizon, to the next thing just around the corner, I should actually be ok.

And to be fair, that’s effectively what it says in the Bible too.

So, if you’re at risk of stopping/failing/looking behind/giving up….don’t.

Keep looking ahead. Don’t stop running.