The thin girl within…

This afternoon I was having a bit of a clear out and came across some old photos; photos I’d prefer never saw the light of day again…specifically, photos of me in days past, heavier, fatter, unhappier.

They say that every woman has an inner fat girl trying to fight her way out.
In my student years and 20s, the reverse was true for me….I had an inner thin girl who wanted to make her escape and be seen by the world. Instead she was locked away, buried under too much travelling and irregular hours, too many late night KFCs and too many moments of thinking food could make me feel better.


Looking back now, I wonder how it ever got that bad…but like most things in life, it just crept up on me, unawares.

Until one day I woke up, with an epiphany moment; this is NOT who I am. It’s not who I want to be, it’s not who God made me to be. And from that point, I decided it was time to lose some flab and become the person I felt that I really was.

5 stone later, I’m still working on it and trying to finish the project….but it’s made me think recently about who I was made to be, who God made me to be. There’s stuff on the inside, that is still trying to fight its way out.

Perhaps we all have an inner ‘something’; an inner painter, writer, sculptor, preacher, pastor?

What’s your ‘inner’? What stops you from being who you were designed to be?