The Couch Potato loses again…

I’ll kick off this blog by saying firstly, I’m not an athlete, a super fit person or any kind of climber. I like long walks, comfortably-paced jogs, treadmilling and, increasingly the odd, insane physical challenge. But deep down, there’s an Inner Couch Potato Girl longing to get out. I keep her well suppressed…but left to her own devices, she’d nudge me toward lazy sofa days, rather than getting-out-and-doing-exercise-type-thing days. She’d prefer I graze through a bag of Doritos, rather than a healthy stir fry…and she’d always drive, rather than walk. Keeping her locked up and shut away, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Therefore, the fact that I even *thought* about climbing Snowdon yesterday (let alone actually DO it) is essentially a miracle. But I did it!!

I was the slow coach of the group; ploddy, sore and just a little bit at the back. For some of the climb, I felt dizzy, shaky and my legs were literally like blocks of steel…step…step…step. It was all I could do and looking up, to the far-off Summit in the clouds, was NOT an option. ‘Look at the step ahead’, said our guide…’just keep going, one step at a time.’

We walked for miles and then clamoured on hands and feet for at least another mile…it was raining, cold, wet…and there were some genuine thoughts of ‘I CANNOT DO THIS!’ But every time I felt like that, I’d pray for strength and get it….just enough to keep slowly but surely plodding along.

A couple of (well-meaning) people suggested later, that perhaps I should have trained more/exercised more…and of course, they were right, but all the while I was thinking, ‘But I’M HERE!!!! I cannot believe I’m actually HERE, climbing a MOUNTAIN!!!’

Not that long ago, with a BMI not far off the ‘morbidly obese’ category, walking up the stairs was an effort….never mind the highest mountain in Wales.

And if it took me longer than others, I’m a million percent ok with that. I did it, I didn’t give up, and I felt God’s strength, just when it felt like there was no place left to go.

Slow and steady wins the race…and Inner Couch Potato Girl lies crushed and humiliated, for another day.


(At the Summit)