So on Monday, I’m off to the London premier of ‘Noah’ – a film that’s caused quite a storm of controversy, especially in the US. I’ll reserve judgement/review until I’ve seen it, but let’s just say, I’m (so far!) looking forward to seeing what Hollywood will do to one of my favourite Sunday School stories.

The tickets to aforementioned premier arrived in the post today. For the record, I was very cool, calm and collected upon taking their delivery…and did not feel the need to announce it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (ok, ok…maybe just a little!)

But, having collected said tickets, I got in the car tonight to drive home and what had proved (so far) to be a fairly unremarkable day, weather-wise, suddenly turned into a huge, almighty deluge. When I say ‘deluge’, I mean rain, lightning, thunder and actual hail stones. I drove home (Noah tickets on the passenger seat) at 30 mph, peering through the windscreen as rain bounced off the car and lightning split the sky open with purple, pinks and blues.

As the traffic slowed and I watched the rain bounce off the road, the irony wasn’t lost on me. Here I was excited about a movie about a flood…and I may be about to experience one of my very own.

I wasn’t scared. I absolutely love storms. I always remember (years ago) going for a walk and having an out-loud rant at the Almighty, just as a huge thunder and lightning storm broke. I remember it clearly, God saying to me, ‘I’m STILL God’.

And so tonight when I was driving home through crazy rain and hailstones, it seemed to be (another) reminder that no matter what our plans, our fears, our hopes, our insecurities, our loves, our wishes….God is STILL God. He still controls the climate, the environment, MY life… He even has a say in red carpet premiers of movies along the same theme.

He’s still God. He’s awesome in power and we’d be wise to not forget, He’s still in control.

Published by Paula Cummings

I'm a PR person - worked in the charitable sector for the past quite-a-lot-of-years. The views expressed here are mine. All mine.

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  1. I will be interested to hear what you think about the film. I read the link you posted about it and there were so many comments from people completely up in arms about it. Be good to hear your take on it (and also which slebs you see at the premier!) 😉 x

  2. Very true, Paula! It’s good to be reminded of that isn’t it? Have fun at the Noah premiere! I too would be interested to hear what you think of the film as well. Look forward to reading a blog about it 🙂

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