What goes on behind closed doors…

I’m house-hunting at the moment, so most days, I flick through my property apps to see if anything catches my eye.  This morning, I stumbled across this listing and for a couple of minutes, was sort of transfixed by the awfulness of it.


 Eek…what a crazy mess.

Look at all the wine bottles?

Why on earth didn’t the agents clear it out, before taking pictures?

And then I started to think/imagine what life might have been like for whoever it was, who lived there.

The agents’ details say the house is subject to a prohibition order – it’s structurally so damaged, that prospective buyers are not even allowed inside.  

The empty booze bottles are lined up (almost like a display cabinet?), the rubbish in the corner is piled up high, but seems to be arranged into a neat (ish) cornered pile, almost as if the person was a ‘collector’.   

Did the person(s) have any family? Did their neighbours know what was going on? Did anyone else know what was lurking behind that closed front door?

I realise I’m possibly over-thinking this. The occupants may have been happy, reasonably well-adjusted, and surrounded by people who loved them.  But, probably not.

The house pictured is about 3 miles from the safe, comfortable, warm and well-maintained house I currently have.   

It’s just a reminder to me (particularly as Christmas approaches), do I really know what’s going on in my community? Do I really know what the person next door is dealing with?  If there was a hoarder living next door, would I have the courage to say something, to try and help?  

The answer for me, is no, no and maybe.  Realising that there’s people tucked away, perhaps struggling with alcoholism or compulsive disorders, living in horrible,horrible conditions….just up the road…is a bit of a wake-up call.