What to do when you’re feeling blue. 

I had a ‘blue day’ recently.  

It was a combination of being over tired, thinking that a couple of glasses of red wine would help me sleep, non-healthy eating, complicated by getting bad news from a friend, which all conspired to chuck me into the doldrums.  

I woke up one morning uncharacteristically low, grumpy and convinced the bleakness would stretch into my forever future.

I had a healthy breakfast, I drank coffee, had several large glasses of water, tackled possible physical ailments, but found myself scrolling through all the awful news on twitter, and experiencing this impending sense of doom.  

Where was the world going? How did it get so bad? So corrupt?  Was there any hope for the friend-with-bad-news? Had God abandoned us?  

You know, the usual cheerful questions to mull over.  

I was in a funk and as the day stretched on into the evening, the cloud wouldn’t lift.  

Maybe an early night would do the trick?  

Nope, next morning I still felt the same.  

So I prayed.

Now realistically, I should have done this sooner but in the cobwebby state of doom-addled brain, it slipped my mind.  

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t exactly an eloquent prayer, just a simple plea;  I need you. Help me.

There were no miraculous flashes from on high but as day two limped on, I found myself thinking about the psalms.  

I’ve always loved this beautifully up and down book.

It charts the highs and lows of David’s journey, in all its glorious heaven-focused moments, and in all those times when he was at his wits’ end.  

David had good days, bad days and meh-sort-of days.   Just like everyone else. 

I read and then, I began to read out loud.

It seems that reading the psalms out loud is very, very good for your soul.  

There is no ‘magic’ in the actual words but there is something quite powerful about reading the truth out loud, even the  bits that are painful.

Why my soul, are you downcast?

Why so disturbed within me?

And then,

Yet, I will see the goodness of God.

The Lord IS good and his love endures forever.

The LORD IS my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. 

Though an army besiege me, my heart WILL NOT fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.

As I read, something weird started to happen.  Like a slither of light breaking through into a darkened room, hope started to return.  The circumstances hadn’t changed, the world wasn’t fixed, but there was hope once again, that maybe things could change.

Give it a try.  It might just turn your ‘meh’ day into a good day.