A crazy photoshopped life…

A few years ago on a warm Summer’s night in Indiana, I walked out of a shop and headlong into the most beautiful sunset I’d seen in years. Red lacy fingers of light streaked across the darkening sky and as the sun dipped slowly into a gooey golden hue, I took a picture. And then, […]

Trauma and trembling and a trip to the dentist.

I hate going to the dentist; the dizzying, lemony, antiseptic smell in the waiting room, the surgical masks, bright lights, the faint buzz behind closed doors of equipment which does unspeakable things.  But unfortunately, a few months ago, with a heart-stopping lurch of anxiety, I came to the conclusion that I could ignore a niggling […]

A crashed plane in Kenya…and water in the desert.

About 7 or 8 years ago, when I worked for an aid agency, there were terrible reports filtering through of a looming food crisis in Turkana, Northern Kenya. Turkana is a really dry and arid place (one of the hottest parts of Kenya…and trust me, that’s HOT!) and the chief occupation there is herding and […]

We don’t keep secrets…

So, thanks to my friend/colleague (Frolleague??) Berni Dymet, I read a blog post this week on the subject of bullying. It was the story of Peter Pilt, a man whose family has experienced cyber-bullying, and in the post, he chatted pretty honestly about how they handled it together as a family. There’s been some awful, […]

The Shawshank Redemption…and hope.

The Shawshank Redemption is my favourite Hollywood movie of all time. I have it on DVD, must have seen it at least 10 times and every time it comes on TV, I still hunker down for the night and watch it again. I sometimes even pause and then rewind to my favourite bits…even though I […]

When things don’t go to plan…

I remember my A Level Results day like it was yesterday. I had absolutely no idea which way it was going to go, so the outcome could have been terrifically good or horrifically bad. Rewind to 6 months earlier and I was sure my future was sorted. I’d fallen in love (or so I thought!) […]

Baby steps and sloppy kisses

Last weekend, I got to hang out with my godson. He’s nearly one, is taking his first few steps and cutest of all, his mum is teaching him how to give kisses and cuddles. He hasn’t quite mastered kisses yet…he makes ‘O’ shapes with his mouth and sort of smudges your cheek with a goldfish-mouth. […]

Panic, stress…and a little, quiet voice.

Today definitely had a few stressy moments; a phone chat with raised tensions, a major purchase which may have been unnecessary…and a few moments of thinking, ‘Pants…what have we done???’ I sometimes have those moments; ones where the world seemingly spins off into orbit, with me, glued in a downward gravitational pull to the side […]

A beautiful love story

Ever have one of those ‘moments’ where everything about your faith, just suddenly makes sense? For me, it happens usually when I’m at the top of a hill or walking by the Sea, or watching a Sunset.   Sounds cheezy (I know!) but there’s something about incredible displays of creation cleverness, which make me understand and […]