Blood, sweat and bouncy castles

It’s Sunday afternoon and I appear to be stuck immovably to my sofa, nursing a large mug of tea. Every bit of me hurts and it’s all self-inflicted. Yesterday, some friends and I did a 5k obstacle/assault challenge which involved jogging through wet fields, down muddy tracks, running over, under and around obstacles, being chased […]

Lessons from a naked statue…

Last year, we drove out to Crosby Beach to see the Antony Gormley exhibition, ‘Another Place’. If you haven’t seen it;  it’s basically 100 solid iron dude statues, dotted along the beach, all staring out to Sea, to ‘Another place’. The sculptor himself said;  “The seaside is a good place to do this….these artforms are no heroes, no […]

Never forsaken, never forgotten.

Ever feel like you’re being squeezed? Between a rock and a hard place? Stuck in the middle? Or any other metaphor for just simply going through a rubbish time? Yes…me too…especially at the moment. The details aren’t important, but last week after a few days of (unsuccessfully) navigating my way through things, stuff came to […]

I wish to complain (in a non-complaining sort of way…)

A few months ago, I was driving through Manchester one Sunday night (dad in the passenger seat) when we stopped at some lights. And there suddenly in front of us was a HUGE billboard – emblazoned with just one word. I’ll not tell you what the word was, except that (to me, at least) it’s […]