Why are you standing there?

Picture the scene: A group of friends had just been through the worst few months of their lives. They were tired, ragged, worn down, exhausted and yet also in complete shock and jubilation. Their best friend (who also just happened to be the Messiah) had been horrifically murdered by the State, had then miraculously and […]

I’m not an evangelist.

I never thought of myself as an evangelist.   Growing up, my experience of ‘evangelists’ was limited to those  crusade-holding, slightly mysterious John the Baptist types.   We’d host special meetings, we’d invite the lost, silently willing them forward as the altar call was announced.   The evangelist would lead those at the front in […]

One good reason to stop posting your good deeds on Facebook

Picture the scene.  You’re in a fast food restaurant (choose your favourite) and a person who you suspect is homeless, walks in and then starts to pick up and eat food which has been left behind on trays. What do you do? You might ignore the unfolding situation. You might walk out in disgust.  You […]

The revolting stink of shame…

The other day, I stumbled on a blog post about the curse of ‘slut shaming’. If you don’t know, ‘Slut-shaming’ is ‘a form of social stigma applied to people who…violate accepted dress codes, or have premarital, casual or promiscuous sex…’ The hashtag  #Stopslutshaming trended briefly, with lots of comments, broadly supportive to the idea that it’s wrong to ‘shame’ people […]

Make yourself amazing…and other lies on TV.

I don’t often watch TV adverts…they mostly annoy me.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll use the same tactic; record a programme and start watching 10 minutes later, so you can whizz through the 20+ minutes of sales pitches. Tonight though, I was making dinner and before my hands could be washed (chicken soup in […]

I’m glad I woke up today.

I’m in Kenya this week, part of a crew making a documentary for Compassion. This is my sixth or seventh time to an African country and arriving is always a bit of a sensory overload; hot air, shimmery green grass, red clay roads, belching motorbikes, a blaze of market stalls, swanky hotels, guesthouses made of tin, […]

What if church was more like the Apple Store? 

On Boxing Day, I dropped my iPhone and shattered the glass.  Although still useable, I delayed getting it fixed, because I knew it would cost about £100.  This week though, after another little chunk of glass fell out (and I was leaving little trails of glass slithers behind me), I finally made an appointment to […]

Growing up in church…

It was a cold, dark, starry night and I remember it clearly. I was just a little girl, now draped over a shoulder, sleepy-eyed and being taken home, ready for bed. It was our annual ‘convention’ at church, which for us meant services every night for a week, guest speakers and excited, floor-thumping, tambourine-led worship. […]

Jesus comes to London…

So, apparently Jesus has arrived in London.  Ok, to be fair, it’s a guy who looks a bit like Jesus. He’s well known in LA,  has his own TV show, rides public transport, turns up to bars and gigs and gets selfies with celebrities.  There’s a tumblr about him and Californians of all religions and none, queue up to […]