Take a breath…and slow down. 

For the past week, I have lived mostly between the sofa or bed, with an invisible ‘out of order’ sign slapped on my forehead.  I’m usually the one ploughing headfirst into everything, 100 miles an hour, doing, racing, chasing, with an only-fools-slow-down sort of attitude.   But sometimes your body forces you to slow down, […]

If you’re dreading Christmas…

At work, we often get to interview people who’ve done remarkable things or who are deserving of something really special. Last week I got chatting to a lady who lost her baby daughter earlier this year, to a hideous, awful illness called Edwards Syndrome. Her daughter lived for just 90 days. Despite having to care […]

When you don’t know what to believe…

When I graduated from university, I landed a job working for a TV show.  It was an exciting time, a big move to London, my first real house and a proper job, surrounded by all the glitz (and drama) that came with live TV.  I spent my mornings on set, running about, checking all my […]

Giving honour…even if it’s not deserved. 

I was on a plane yesterday when I overheard a conversation between two passengers sitting next to me.  Woman: What do you do back home? Man: I serve in the military. Woman:  Wow, that’s great, thank you for your service. Man:  Well, you all are worth it. In the US (where I am, at the […]

What to do when you’re feeling blue. 

I had a ‘blue day’ recently.   It was a combination of being over tired, thinking that a couple of glasses of red wine would help me sleep, non-healthy eating, complicated by getting bad news from a friend, which all conspired to chuck me into the doldrums.   I woke up one morning uncharacteristically low, […]

I’m not an evangelist.

I never thought of myself as an evangelist.   Growing up, my experience of ‘evangelists’ was limited to those  crusade-holding, slightly mysterious John the Baptist types.   We’d host special meetings, we’d invite the lost, silently willing them forward as the altar call was announced.   The evangelist would lead those at the front in […]

How to get wisdom in a hopeless situation. 

Solomon was the youngest member of the family and even though his family was incredibly wealthy and he had everything he wanted, there was a dark shadow over his life.   He was the child of what began as an adulterous relationship and there would always be a few who would remember the scandal; the […]

Don’t fight…make cake.

Many years ago, my family moved into a new home and almost immediately, found themselves in the middle of a war they didn’t want (or ask for) with the neighbours. I was only a young teenager at the time but I could see the effect this was having on my parents. My dad was recovering […]

Things might not be as bad as you think they are. 

I love the Old Testament. I know that  many people think the OT is the dry, dusty bit of the Bible, stuffed full of battles and endless genealogies.  I won’t fib, it’s true, there are battles and (seemingly endless) genealogies, but if you look closely, there are also stories jam-packed with little clues and insights into […]

Are you ready?

If Facebook was a country, right now, it’d be the most depressing place on earth.  If your timeline is anything like mine, it’s stuffed full of gloomy predictions, desperation, grief-stricken protests and in some cases, anger which has spiked into bitterness. I have my own feelings and worries too, but as I read, I can’t […]