Risen movie – the Jesus I know.

I’m not a film buff. I can’t spot subtle character nuances in films or speculate on what directors were trying to subconsciously communicate. But I do love a good movie with a clever plot and Risen (which I saw tonight) is just that. It tells the story of Clavius, a high-ranking Roman official serving under Pilate’s rule. […]

What are you watching?

Oh Netflix, how I love thee.  Ever since I discovered the joy of US drama boxsets, I’ve been gripped by The Good Wife, Greys and more recently (and somewhat darker), the US version of House of Cards. Many of the dramas usually start out innocently enough; great plot, quirky characters mixed up with a few […]

Jesus comes to London…

So, apparently Jesus has arrived in London.  Ok, to be fair, it’s a guy who looks a bit like Jesus. He’s well known in LA,  has his own TV show, rides public transport, turns up to bars and gigs and gets selfies with celebrities.  There’s a tumblr about him and Californians of all religions and none, queue up to […]

The day I met Max Clifford.

Max Clifford, ‘publicist to the stars’ was jailed today, for historic sexual assaults on young women. A few years ago, I met him and had a lengthy (pretty interesting) chat. Shortly before this, he’d written an article for Third Way magazine, which in a nutshell, said that ‘Jesus needed new PR’. In his view, the […]

A crashed plane in Kenya…and water in the desert.

About 7 or 8 years ago, when I worked for an aid agency, there were terrible reports filtering through of a looming food crisis in Turkana, Northern Kenya. Turkana is a really dry and arid place (one of the hottest parts of Kenya…and trust me, that’s HOT!) and the chief occupation there is herding and […]

The Shawshank Redemption…and hope.

The Shawshank Redemption is my favourite Hollywood movie of all time. I have it on DVD, must have seen it at least 10 times and every time it comes on TV, I still hunker down for the night and watch it again. I sometimes even pause and then rewind to my favourite bits…even though I […]