The revolting stink of shame…

The other day, I stumbled on a blog post about the curse of ‘slut shaming’. If you don’t know, ‘Slut-shaming’ is ‘a form of social stigma applied to people who…violate accepted dress codes, or have premarital, casual or promiscuous sex…’ The hashtag  #Stopslutshaming trended briefly, with lots of comments, broadly supportive to the idea that it’s wrong to ‘shame’ people […]

How to deal with a nightmare.

My friend Wendy Tomin wrote a great blog about Fear recently;  the kind of you-know-it’s-irrational-but-that-doesn’t-stop-it sort of fear.   The kind of fear that might just have a little bit of truth in it, so therefore if it could happen, it probably will. Or so your brain says. So last night at 4.10am precisely, it was my turn. […]

Get out of my parking space…

For as long as I can remember, the parking situation on my street has been pretty bad; too many houses, not enough car space, and yesterday, I had ‘words’ with a new neighbour (who I’ve never met before). I arrived home late, tired and hungry and joy of joys,  as I pulled up, I spotted the last remaining parking […]

It’s not over till God says it’s over.

Shummanite Shumnaite Shunammite – the word is Shunammite. I can barely pronounce her name, let alone spell it, but today I was reading about the (un-named) Shunammite lady in the Bible. Her name isn’t mentioned. All we’re told is that she was married to a very wealthy man and that she was kind and generous. […]