Dear churches…

I grew up in the church. Church has always been my home and my safe place and I knew from an early age the dangers of becoming a ‘church hopper’. There was a frequently used analogy, ‘a coal out of the fire, on the hearth, quickly goes cold.’ And I think that’s true, being part […]

God is not a one hit wonder

Back in November, I wrote about an amazing experience I had, Surprised by God. And at the time, if I’m honest, a little part of me thought, ‘well, that’s amazing…now it’s time to get on with it’. So, I dug deep, found my ‘Dunkirk spirit’, donned my British stiff upper lip and decided to march […]

The beauty of a closed door.

I’m house-hunting. To be fair, I’ve been house-hunting in a fairly commitmentphobe sort of way for a couple of years.  But recently, the search gathered a bit of a steam and I made an actual real-life offer on a property.  Initially I was a little unsure and went through a wobbly deliberation process of uhming […]

I’m a Christian…because…

In early December, the hashtag #ExMuslimBecause briefly trended, followed up swiftly by #ExChristianBecause. Both trends told stories of people who’d given up on religious belief for lots of different reasons;  #exChristianbecause I can find more wisdom in Harry Potter than in the Bible.  #exChristianbecause I don’t need to fear eternal punishment to be a good […]

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover….you shouldn’t look at a person and make an assumption about their life. Well, sometimes, I do. And today I was badly tripped up by my own nasty preconceptions. I’m at a big music conference in the US; great speakers, inspiring music and lots and lots […]