Don’t give in to hate

‘I hate Donald Trump’. ‘I hate Theresa May’. I hate Jeremy Corbyn. Have you heard anyone say things like that recently? I have. In a politically divided country (and world!), they’re quite common statements. Some days (particularly on social media), it can feel like hate oozes so easily from the end of typing figures and […]

When you’re lost, stuck in the middle of nowhere.

I admit, I have no sense of direction.  I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag if my life depended on it and to me, maps are just blurry, squiggly lines on a page.   Anyone who’s ever sat in my passenger seat knows that at some point on most journeys, I’ve taken […]

When you don’t know what to believe…

When I graduated from university, I landed a job working for a TV show.  It was an exciting time, a big move to London, my first real house and a proper job, surrounded by all the glitz (and drama) that came with live TV.  I spent my mornings on set, running about, checking all my […]