Don’t give in to hate

‘I hate Donald Trump’. ‘I hate Theresa May’. I hate Jeremy Corbyn. Have you heard anyone say things like that recently? I have. In a politically divided country (and world!), they’re quite common statements. Some days (particularly on social media), it can feel like hate oozes so easily from the end of typing figures and […]

How to change the world.

When I was at school, I really, really wanted to be a prefect.  For me, it felt like a badge of honour, a way to be just a bit more special than everyone else, with the added perk of being able to stay indoors during break times, on cold and wintery days. When selection time […]

How to vote…

I’m not an American (thought I’d best mention that upfront), but because I’ve lived in the US and have American friends, I am really interested in the US election. It’s an undeniably unique event in so many different ways. A business man with (reportedly) limited hands-on political experience goes head to head with the wife […]