Lessons learned from a horrible day.

Last week, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  The light was shining through the curtains and all seemed right with the world.  I did my usual routine;  strong coffee/comfy chair/Bible and the reading in my devotional was Psalm 93, kicking off with some verses about God’s mighty voice being louder, more powerful than […]

A dirty little secret…

Recently, I’ve been following the devastating story of a US Christian personality who’s been on trial facing charges of child sexual assault. Yesterday, he was given a 40-year sentence and in summing up, the judge said, “I’m having a lot of trouble trying to reconcile two people in one orange jumpsuit before me; there’s the Christian man […]

First dates, emotional baggage and…Jesus.

I was in London last week and had a couple of hours to kill before catching my train home. So with book in hand, I nestled myself into the corner of a snug little coffee area and got stuck into my book and cup of Chai. I don’t make a habit of eavesdropping (usually) on strangers’ […]

Please don’t steal my stuff.

So this morning after a few hectic (but fun!) days at the Cherish Conference, I checked out of my hotel and went in search of breakfast. It was a lovely, sunny start to the day, so I fancied a large frothy latte and preferably while sitting in the sunshine at a pavement cafe. And bingo, […]

Thunder and lightning….very, very frightening…

So on Monday, I’m off to the London premier of ‘Noah’ – a film that’s caused quite a storm of controversy, especially in the US. I’ll reserve judgement/review until I’ve seen it, but let’s just say, I’m (so far!) looking forward to seeing what Hollywood will do to one of my favourite Sunday School stories. […]

I wish to complain (in a non-complaining sort of way…)

A few months ago, I was driving through Manchester one Sunday night (dad in the passenger seat) when we stopped at some lights. And there suddenly in front of us was a HUGE billboard – emblazoned with just one word. I’ll not tell you what the word was, except that (to me, at least) it’s […]

Surviving the worst thing in the world…

I had an amazing day and through a series  of coincidences, over a cup of coffee, I got chatting to a visitor, who told me his story. The conversation started off by comparing notes on countries we’d been to, places we’d seen and then, next thing you know, he’s telling me about the worst thing […]