A warning from God

A few weeks ago, I moved house (I might have mentioned this!). In the run up, there was all sorts of throwing-out-of-things and also buying-of things. I also decided I needed a new comfy, sink-yourself-into-it armchair. And so, the search began. I knew exactly what I wanted (think: light grey, huge, super comfy wingback) and […]

I got trolled…

I got trolled! My last blog post on the subject of Joel Osteen generated some pretty negative online responses from strangers.  Within an hour of posting, I’d sent several rather nasty comments straight to the Spam folder, which among other things, accused me of making up the story and oh, my particular favourite, the suggestion that […]

The lies we believe…

Obsessive Comparison Disorder is officially a thing. Apparently, it’s what happens when you spend too much time on social media and develop an anxiety that your life isn’t quite as good as everyone else’s. I read about it recently, googled and discovered there’s even support groups and online networks for sufferers. The symptoms include obsessive […]

God in a box

I follow about 140 people on Twitter; a mish mash of friends, preachers and thinkers. It’s mostly a news feed of Christian ‘stuff’ and news with the occasional wander into the interesting world of Richard Dawkins.   Now, I know it’s  unfair to judge others’ relationship with God, based on what they tweet about, but […]

When someone betrays you…

I remember the first time I was betrayed.  I was 11 years old and sat on the school bus when a boy in front, handed me a grubby, much-folded note scrawled in pencil.  Will you be my girlfriend?  (it said) (And underneath, some multiple choice answers) Yes.  No.  Maybe. I uhmed and ahhed for a […]