The day I met Max Clifford.

Max Clifford, ‘publicist to the stars’ was jailed today, for historic sexual assaults on young women. A few years ago, I met him and had a lengthy (pretty interesting) chat. Shortly before this, he’d written an article for Third Way magazine, which in a nutshell, said that ‘Jesus needed new PR’. In his view, the […]

Confessions of a cynic…

I confess, religious cynicism has me in its bony grip. I’m not a cynic about God or his astonishing power, but I do tend to run, like a wailing banshee (whatever a banshee is) from any kind of fad or ‘God-will-listen-if-you-pray-THIS-way’ philosophies. Despite it all, I try to keep (at first) an open mind and […]

Thunder and lightning….very, very frightening…

So on Monday, I’m off to the London premier of ‘Noah’ – a film that’s caused quite a storm of controversy, especially in the US. I’ll reserve judgement/review until I’ve seen it, but let’s just say, I’m (so far!) looking forward to seeing what Hollywood will do to one of my favourite Sunday School stories. […]

If you’re dreading Christmas…

At work, we often get to interview people who’ve done remarkable things or who are deserving of something really special. Last week I got chatting to a lady who lost her baby daughter earlier this year, to a hideous, awful illness called Edwards Syndrome.  Her daughter lived for just 90 days. Despite having to care […]

Panic, stress…and a little, quiet voice.

Today definitely had a few stressy moments; a phone chat with raised tensions, a major purchase which may have been unnecessary…and a few moments of thinking, ‘Pants…what have we done???’ I sometimes have those moments; ones where the world seemingly spins off into orbit, with me, glued in a downward gravitational pull to the side […]

I wish to complain (in a non-complaining sort of way…)

A few months ago, I was driving through Manchester one Sunday night (dad in the passenger seat) when we stopped at some lights. And there suddenly in front of us was a HUGE billboard – emblazoned with just one word. I’ll not tell you what the word was, except that (to me, at least) it’s […]