A warning from God

A few weeks ago, I moved house (I might have mentioned this!). In the run up, there was all sorts of throwing-out-of-things and also buying-of things. I also decided I needed a new comfy, sink-yourself-into-it armchair. And so, the search began. I knew exactly what I wanted (think: light grey, huge, super comfy wingback) and […]

Don’t be afraid

I had an amazing experience recently. I got to spend the day with an exiled Chinese pastor who’s been tortured, imprisoned, beaten and subjected to mock executions.   All for believing in Jesus.   Throughout the day, I heard stories of people meeting Jesus in the most unreached places in the world, ancient communities in […]

How to be kind…

On my way home from work yesterday, I popped into the supermarket and found myself walking across Sainsbury’s car park, behind two ladies wearing hijabs. As we approached the entrance, a woman walking out of the store, acknowledged the ladies in front of me, smiled brightly and said ‘good evening’.   The ladies turned to […]

Are you destroying yourself?

This week, I’ve been gripped by another Netflix special; Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Jessica is a tortured, messed-up, alcoholic private investigator who has a secret – she’s also a superhero. She developed the gift of super strength after surviving a car accident which killed her whole family. She’s now mostly alone in the world, trying to […]

Baby steps and sloppy kisses

Last weekend, I got to hang out with my godson. He’s nearly one, is taking his first few steps and cutest of all, his mum is teaching him how to give kisses and cuddles. He hasn’t quite mastered kisses yet…he makes ‘O’ shapes with his mouth and sort of smudges your cheek with a goldfish-mouth. […]

There is Hope…

2012 was a BIG year for me and for some of my friends. Some babies arrived, an old friend passed away, another friend was diagnosed with a serious illness and a couple of marriages fought for survival (and lost). In many ways, 2012 could have been a year of terrible disappointment; things that many of […]