When things seem to be getting worse…

I blogged a while ago about the experience of Praying in Hospital Corridors. My mum was taken unexpectedly ill and for about 8 hours, the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her.Late on Sunday night, we finally got a diagnosis.  It was a scary diagnosis, but nowhere near as scary as it might have […]

One good reason to stop posting your good deeds on Facebook

Picture the scene.  You’re in a fast food restaurant (choose your favourite) and a person who you suspect is homeless, walks in and then starts to pick up and eat food which has been left behind on trays. What do you do? You might ignore the unfolding situation. You might walk out in disgust.  You […]

Dear woman on the beach

Dear woman on the beach I doubt you will ever read this, but writing it down helps me to focus my thinking. On Saturday morning, you were walking along the beach on the North Wales coast with your dog, when you met my dad who was also out for a walk, with our family Labradoodle. […]

One Hell of a storm.

It had been a really long day.  Dusty, tired, achey, Jesus had walked miles, preached all day and everywhere he went, he was mobbed by people wanting more, more, more, help, healing, hope.…absolutely anything he could give them.   I suspect on the Myers Briggs scale, Jesus would have been an introvert.  He gave out a […]

When grief pays a visit.

I was reading the story of Job recently; a man who knew grief and the horror of sorrow. Prior to devastation walking into his life, Job was rich, extremely well-respected and known locally as a kind, loyal God-fearing man. He’d been blessed with 10 children, thousands of cattle and a beautiful home. And then one day, […]

First dates, emotional baggage and…Jesus.

I was in London last week and had a couple of hours to kill before catching my train home. So with book in hand, I nestled myself into the corner of a snug little coffee area and got stuck into my book and cup of Chai. I don’t make a habit of eavesdropping (usually) on strangers’ […]

Panic, stress…and a little, quiet voice.

Today definitely had a few stressy moments; a phone chat with raised tensions, a major purchase which may have been unnecessary…and a few moments of thinking, ‘Pants…what have we done???’ I sometimes have those moments; ones where the world seemingly spins off into orbit, with me, glued in a downward gravitational pull to the side […]

Never forsaken, never forgotten.

Ever feel like you’re being squeezed? Between a rock and a hard place? Stuck in the middle? Or any other metaphor for just simply going through a rubbish time? Yes…me too…especially at the moment. The details aren’t important, but last week after a few days of (unsuccessfully) navigating my way through things, stuff came to […]