If you’re dreading Christmas…

At work, we often get to interview people who’ve done remarkable things or who are deserving of something really special. Last week I got chatting to a lady who lost her baby daughter earlier this year, to a hideous, awful illness called Edwards Syndrome. Her daughter lived for just 90 days. Despite having to care […]

What to do when you’re feeling blue. 

I had a ‘blue day’ recently.   It was a combination of being over tired, thinking that a couple of glasses of red wine would help me sleep, non-healthy eating, complicated by getting bad news from a friend, which all conspired to chuck me into the doldrums.   I woke up one morning uncharacteristically low, […]

Buried by avalanche….still breathing.

“What if psychiatrists came up with a different language to describe the suffering of people who troop into their consulting rooms every day? Instead of diagnosing a young woman with ‘borderline-personality disorder,’ how about ‘lost in the realm of the fluttering leaves’? Instead of ‘depression,’ how about ‘buried by avalanche, still breathing’? And, just as […]