A family crisis

Last Friday afternoon, my mum was sitting in a restaurant when she started to experience extreme chest pain. She was taken to hospital where it was discovered she’d suffered a (thankfully small!) heart attack. This kind of issue isn’t a new experience to our family…my dad has had 3 heart attacks over the years, plus […]

A warning from God

A few weeks ago, I moved house (I might have mentioned this!). In the run up, there was all sorts of throwing-out-of-things and also buying-of things. I also decided I needed a new comfy, sink-yourself-into-it armchair. And so, the search began. I knew exactly what I wanted (think: light grey, huge, super comfy wingback) and […]

I moved house…

On Saturday, I moved house. I had no idea just how big and huge and stressful and yet, how blessed and amazing this experience would be. But first, let me rewind to a couple of years ago. The hunt for a house began officially in 2015. I initially registered with some estate agents and viewed […]

Don’t give in to hate

‘I hate Donald Trump’. ‘I hate Theresa May’. I hate Jeremy Corbyn. Have you heard anyone say things like that recently? I have. In a politically divided country (and world!), they’re quite common statements. Some days (particularly on social media), it can feel like hate oozes so easily from the end of typing figures and […]

In the right place, at the right time?

The phone in the cold, draughty hallway rang shrilly and it just so happened, I was at home that day and able to answer. ‘Hello Paula?’ said a cheery voice. It was a temp agency. I was in my final year of university and, in need of some extra cash, had registered with this agency, […]