A family crisis

Last Friday afternoon, my mum was sitting in a restaurant when she started to experience extreme chest pain. She was taken to hospital where it was discovered she’d suffered a (thankfully small!) heart attack. This kind of issue isn’t a new experience to our family…my dad has had 3 heart attacks over the years, plus […]

A warning from God

A few weeks ago, I moved house (I might have mentioned this!). In the run up, there was all sorts of throwing-out-of-things and also buying-of things. I also decided I needed a new comfy, sink-yourself-into-it armchair. And so, the search began. I knew exactly what I wanted (think: light grey, huge, super comfy wingback) and […]

I moved house…

On Saturday, I moved house. I had no idea just how big and huge and stressful and yet, how blessed and amazing this experience would be. But first, let me rewind to a couple of years ago. The hunt for a house began officially in 2015. I initially registered with some estate agents and viewed […]

Don’t give in to hate

‘I hate Donald Trump’. ‘I hate Theresa May’. I hate Jeremy Corbyn. Have you heard anyone say things like that recently? I have. In a politically divided country (and world!), they’re quite common statements. Some days (particularly on social media), it can feel like hate oozes so easily from the end of typing figures and […]

In the right place, at the right time?

The phone in the cold, draughty hallway rang shrilly and it just so happened, I was at home that day and able to answer. ‘Hello Paula?’ said a cheery voice. It was a temp agency. I was in my final year of university and, in need of some extra cash, had registered with this agency, […]

Letting go of an old season…

A few years ago, my dad suffered a heart attack. He’s had various health and heart issues since his early 40s, but as he was recovering from this episode, we decided that when he was better, we’d get him a dog. My dad had always wanted a dog but the circumstances hadn’t been right. But […]