Who is listening to you?

I was at a family gathering recently when my brother asked if I’d help him with a quick job. As we got busy, we chatted generally about the day; the nice, balmy weather and our plans for the evening.  Later, when we emerged downstairs, one of the guests said, ‘that sounded like fun. We heard […]

When did you stop dreaming?

When I was a kid, my ambition was to be a bomb disposal expert for the army. I fancied myself as a bit of a GI Jane character, camouflage streaks dotted across my cheeks, I’d swoop into a hostile situation (in my open topped jeep) ready to diffuse the ticking bomb. The only question was, […]

Don’t believe everything you read…

A few years ago, late one afternoon at work, my phone rang and it was a journalist from a well-known newspaper.   She explained she was writing a story about a church which was hiring out its building to be used for art exhibitions and charity fashion shows. Sunday services would carry on as normal […]

When you need a miracle…

It was hard, dusty work. The men were using their bare hands to scrape away at the roof. They were tired, a bit thirsty, but in good spirits as they worked away, grabbing chunks of mud, straw, tearing, pulling up, trying to create a hole big enough. They didn’t have much in the way of […]

The beauty of a closed door.

I’m house-hunting. To be fair, I’ve been house-hunting in a fairly commitmentphobe sort of way for a couple of years.  But recently, the search gathered a bit of a steam and I made an actual real-life offer on a property.  Initially I was a little unsure and went through a wobbly deliberation process of uhming […]

Learning how to be vulnerable. 

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that you shouldn’t look at a person and make an assumption about their life. Well, sometimes, I do. And a few years ago, I was badly tripped up by my own nasty preconceptions. I was at a big music conference in the US; great speakers, […]