It’s not about me

Last week, I had a pretty amazing experience.   And right now, a week later, I feel alive. There’s something about connecting with this loveliness of Jesus which makes you insatiably hungry for more. To be honest, it’s a bit frustrating because I’d love to be sitting around reading my Bible, listening to preaching all […]

Surprised by God 

For me, the last 6 months have been pretty tough. I’ll spare you the gory details but in short, I have been fighting battles on several fronts.  Remember those old pop-up monster attractions at fairgrounds, where you had to take a sledgehammer to each monster’s head? The minute you slammed one, another popped up?  The […]

When you’re facing injustice…

Ever been in such an extreme situation of injustice, that you truly understood what it meant for your ‘blood to boil?’   You find yourself awake at night, rehearsing the scene, tossing, turning, asking God for relief from the anxiety, the anger, the blood-boiling?  All around it seems as though the opposition is not just […]

How to be a real progressive.

It was a breezy Autumn afternoon and the school’s Headmaster stood watching as the kids raced around the windy school yard.   School ties flung over shoulders in the breeze, the children ran up to the edges of the chain link fence which separated the yard from the busy road. Sometimes they would lean against […]

I got trolled…

I got trolled! My last blog post on the subject of Joel Osteen generated some pretty negative online responses from strangers.  Within an hour of posting, I’d sent several rather nasty comments straight to the Spam folder, which among other things, accused me of making up the story and oh, my particular favourite, the suggestion that […]

A church we’ll never forget…

When I was eight years old, my parents packed up a comfortable life in Scotland, sold everything they owned (house, car, the lot) and as a family, we set off on a huge adventure as itinerant missionaries, travelling across the US.    Times were tough. We drove across the States, pulling a caravan behind us […]