You shall not pass…

Last night, I arrived home, pumped up and full of faith after an amazing Cherish Conference. We and a group of 7,500 other women met  in Leeds Arena, to sing our hearts out in worship and get built up, ready to do life again.  And then just as I was about to sink gratefully into […]

Listen to the little voices…

So I should admit up-front, that I’m not very good with cars.  Forget fuel absorption or engine size, my last car was purchased on the basis that it had a decent stereo system and that its shiny Aqua blue would make it easier to find in car parks.   Of course, I know the basics, […]

Are you toxic? 

When I was a kid, I loved the Ghostbusters’ films; that bumbling team of misfits on a mission to destroy the toxic slime surging through the city’s sewers.  The slime (a thick pink sludge) reacted to anger and negative emotions. The angrier people became, the faster the slime grew, until in the end it was […]

The power of praying for strangers.  

I woke up a few mornings ago to the news that in Willesden, North London (a stone’s throw from where I used to live), a woman had been shot and several others arrested, as part of a police anti-terrorism campaign. There were mixed reports, some initially saying that the people arrested were 20, 23 and […]

Who is listening to you?

I was at a family gathering recently when my brother asked if I’d help him with a quick job. As we got busy, we chatted generally about the day; the nice, balmy weather and our plans for the evening.  Later, when we emerged downstairs, one of the guests said, ‘that sounded like fun. We heard […]

When did you stop dreaming?

When I was a kid, my ambition was to be a bomb disposal expert for the army. I fancied myself as a bit of a GI Jane character, camouflage streaks dotted across my cheeks, I’d swoop into a hostile situation (in my open topped jeep) ready to diffuse the ticking bomb. The only question was, […]

Don’t believe everything you read…

A few years ago, late one afternoon at work, my phone rang and it was a journalist from a well-known newspaper.   She explained she was writing a story about a church which was hiring out its building to be used for art exhibitions and charity fashion shows. Sunday services would carry on as normal […]