Practice what you preach

I spoke at church on Sunday, a message which had been nudging my ribs all week, called ‘When God takes you the long way round’. It was a whistlestop tour of the book of Exodus and the story of the Israelites’ long journey through the wilderness. I wanted to show that sometimes the things which […]

Learning how to be vulnerable. 

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that you shouldn’t look at a person and make an assumption about their life. Well, sometimes, I do. And a few years ago, I was badly tripped up by my own nasty preconceptions. I was at a big music conference in the US; great speakers, […]

The poison of bitterness…

I talked to a man recently who was very,very bitter. In fact, I suspect that if bitterness was a skin disease, he’d be encrusted in scales, which weeped and seeped and oozed his pain. I’m not judging him.Life can be hard and his life (in particular) had taken plenty of unexpected turns; serious long-term health […]

I’m not an evangelist.

I never thought of myself as an evangelist.   Growing up, my experience of ‘evangelists’ was limited to those  crusade-holding, slightly mysterious John the Baptist types.   We’d host special meetings, we’d invite the lost, silently willing them forward as the altar call was announced.   The evangelist would lead those at the front in […]

Don’t fight…make cake.

Many years ago, my family moved into a new home and almost immediately, found themselves in the middle of a war they didn’t want (or ask for) with the neighbours. I was only a young teenager at the time but I could see the effect this was having on my parents. My dad was recovering […]

The revolting stink of shame…

The other day, I stumbled on a blog post about the curse of ‘slut shaming’. If you don’t know, ‘Slut-shaming’ is ‘a form of social stigma applied to people who…violate accepted dress codes, or have premarital, casual or promiscuous sex…’ The hashtag  #Stopslutshaming trended briefly, with lots of comments, broadly supportive to the idea that it’s wrong to ‘shame’ people […]

I’m glad I woke up today.

I’m in Kenya this week, part of a crew making a documentary for Compassion. This is my sixth or seventh time to an African country and arriving is always a bit of a sensory overload; hot air, shimmery green grass, red clay roads, belching motorbikes, a blaze of market stalls, swanky hotels, guesthouses made of tin, […]

What if church was more like the Apple Store? 

On Boxing Day, I dropped my iPhone and shattered the glass.  Although still useable, I delayed getting it fixed, because I knew it would cost about £100.  This week though, after another little chunk of glass fell out (and I was leaving little trails of glass slithers behind me), I finally made an appointment to […]

Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

I told a lie once. Ok, to be fair, I’m sure in my lifetime, I’ve probably fudged the truth more than once, but this one sticks out because it was such an extraordinary whopper.  It was a long time ago, in a previous job and I’d made a fairly catastrophic (accidental) error on a project. […]