Are you toxic? 

When I was a kid, I loved the Ghostbusters’ films; that bumbling team of misfits on a mission to destroy the toxic slime surging through the city’s sewers.  The slime (a thick pink sludge) reacted to anger and negative emotions. The angrier people became, the faster the slime grew, until in the end it was […]

An ugly confrontation

Confrontation is not my favourite thing. Given the choice, I’d always choose to play nicely with the other kids in the playground, blissfully pretending everything was hunky dory.  But life’s not like that and sometimes we just have to deal with stuff.  So, imagine my horror recently when it became clear that I really could not ignore […]

A poison pen letter and a nasty neighbour.

Last night, someone left a nasty note sellotaped to my car windscreen.  The anonymous person didn’t like the way I had parked and so decided to vent their fury in a shouty, written rant. I don’t know the identity of the letter writer (though I have my suspicions), so I’ll just call him Angry Fred. […]

Get out of my parking space…

For as long as I can remember, the parking situation on my street has been pretty bad; too many houses, not enough car space, and yesterday, I had ‘words’ with a new neighbour (who I’ve never met before). I arrived home late, tired and hungry and joy of joys,  as I pulled up, I spotted the last remaining parking […]