When you have an identity crisis.

Last night, as news about the tragic death of another celebrity filtered in, I read the headlines with shock and sadness. Within hours, online, many were asking, ‘how could this have happened?’ ‘Who was to blame?’ Was it social media? The Press? The courts? Everyone was asking if this could have been prevented? I know […]

When your pastor has an affair…

Years ago, I was part of a thriving, lively church, with a lovely pastor, who had an affair. I arrived at church one Sunday morning, all expectant for a great service, but there was an unexpected somber tone to the meeting. At the end, it was announced that one of the pastors had admitted to […]

Practice what you preach

I spoke at church on Sunday, a message which had been nudging my ribs all week, called ‘When God takes you the long way round’. It was a whistlestop tour of the book of Exodus and the story of the Israelites’ long journey through the wilderness. I wanted to show that sometimes the things which […]

You’re never too old to start again…

I’ve been thinking this week about Ruth…the one in the Bible.I read the story again recently and I was gripped. Ruth was a survivor. She’d left her home to move in with her husband and his family. But one-by-one, her husband had died, as had his dad and his brother, so now she was living […]

When things seem to be getting worse…

I blogged a while ago about the experience of Praying in Hospital Corridors. My mum was taken unexpectedly ill and for about 8 hours, the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her.Late on Sunday night, we finally got a diagnosis.  It was a scary diagnosis, but nowhere near as scary as it might have […]

When life gets hard…

“I don’t know how to tell you this….” The man stood in front of his boss, pale, shaking, nervously twisting his hands. “There’s been a terrible accident…your children were all at your son’s birthday party….there was a freak storm, the house has collapsed….all of them are dead”. All of Job’s children – all ten of them – killed in […]

It’s not over till God says it’s over.

Shummanite Shumnaite Shunammite – the word is Shunammite. I can barely pronounce her name, let alone spell it, but today I was reading about the (un-named) Shunammite lady in the Bible. Her name isn’t mentioned. All we’re told is that she was married to a very wealthy man and that she was kind and generous. […]