When you have an identity crisis.

Last night, as news about the tragic death of another celebrity filtered in, I read the headlines with shock and sadness. Within hours, online, many were asking, ‘how could this have happened?’ ‘Who was to blame?’ Was it social media? The Press? The courts? Everyone was asking if this could have been prevented? I know […]

Nothing can separate me from his love

When my dad was 42 years old, he had a heart attack. After some recovery time, he was soon on the mend, but a few years later, he began experiencing chest pain again. He was referred to a specialist and after tests, was told his arteries had become so blocked, he was to avoid any […]

When life gets hard…

“I don’t know how to tell you this….” The man stood in front of his boss, pale, shaking, nervously twisting his hands. “There’s been a terrible accident…your children were all at your son’s birthday party….there was a freak storm, the house has collapsed….all of them are dead”. All of Job’s children – all ten of them – killed in […]

When God forgets you.

Joseph was a pretty good person – a bit of a big mouth at times, but overall he wasn’t a bad bloke, he just needed to curb the bad habit of blurting all his thoughts out loud. But, somehow or other, through a series of messy circumstances, he ended up in prison falsely accused of […]

When grief pays a visit.

I was reading the story of Job recently; a man who knew grief and the horror of sorrow. Prior to devastation walking into his life, Job was rich, extremely well-respected and known locally as a kind, loyal God-fearing man. He’d been blessed with 10 children, thousands of cattle and a beautiful home. And then one day, […]