Africa…the most beautiful place on earth.

A few years ago, I got stuck in Mozambique. I’d been there on a week-long filming trip and after a week of staying in a rural area guest house, we headed back to the capital and to a really nice hotel. That night, we had an amazing buffet meal, stacked high with different meats, fish […]

Please don’t steal my stuff.

So this morning after a few hectic (but fun!) days at the Cherish Conference, I checked out of my hotel and went in search of breakfast. It was a lovely, sunny start to the day, so I fancied a large frothy latte and preferably while sitting in the sunshine at a pavement cafe. And bingo, […]

Death, divorce and a happy ending

I’m sitting on the edge of my hotel bed in Nepal, with the room curtains flung wide open. It’s a huge window and outside in the clear, night sky, a thousand stars are twinkling away over the top of the Himalayas, the crickets are chirruping madly and I’m perched here, thinking about my fantastic week. […]