Are you destroying yourself?

This week, I’ve been gripped by another Netflix special; Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Jessica is a tortured, messed-up, alcoholic private investigator who has a secret – she’s also a superhero. She developed the gift of super strength after surviving a car accident which killed her whole family. She’s now mostly alone in the world, trying to […]

We don’t keep secrets…

So, thanks to my friend/colleague (Frolleague??) Berni Dymet, I read a blog post this week on the subject of bullying. It was the story of Peter Pilt, a man whose family has experienced cyber-bullying, and in the post, he chatted pretty honestly about how they handled it together as a family. There’s been some awful, […]

Prayer….a weird and wonderful thing

A weird and wonderful sort of thing happened to me this week. I’m on holiday and I’m staying with some friends in a top secret, undisclosed location (sorry, hardly a State secret, I just always wanted to say that!!) But, I’m loving the sun, the crickets chirping away, the relaxation and the mound of brilliant […]