Don’t give up on your dreams.

I wasn’t very academic at school.  I hated maths, science, PE and all the ‘practical’ subjects, but I loved to write. I have memories of sitting on the sofa at my aunt’s house in Yorkshire, clutching a brand new (deliciously blank) notepad and a pen. Something about that empty paper and all its possibilities really excited […]

The day I saw the queen.

I’ve been watching the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and thinking back to a sunny day about 10 years ago. At the time I was working for an aid agency and while on a trip to Zambia had met this amazing lady called Margaret.  Margaret had been through the unimaginable – her husband had left her […]

Are you a fake? Take the test. 

I read a news report recently about a pastor who had been forced by his Board to resign. In a statement, the Board said that he’d been repeatedly manipulative and selfish and was more interested in being at the front, than in pastoring the congregation. The statement also said they’d worked with him to fix […]

When life gives you lemons…

There’s a saying; When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But for some of us, when we’re squeezed emotionally and physically, what actually pours out of us is bitterness and anger.  But not for my dad. Last year he was diagnosed with a not-much-fun condition. Among other things, this annoying irritant of an illness has […]

Please don’t judge me…

Recently, I was at a function when a man I’d never met before, walked up, said he’d spotted the tattoo on my wrist and asked what it was. I explained it was a Bible verse and I’d had it done about 4 years ago. ‘Do you know what the Bible says about tattoos?’ he asked, […]

I’m a Christian…because…

In early December, the hashtag #ExMuslimBecause briefly trended, followed up swiftly by #ExChristianBecause. Both trends told stories of people who’d given up on religious belief for lots of different reasons;  #exChristianbecause I can find more wisdom in Harry Potter than in the Bible.  #exChristianbecause I don’t need to fear eternal punishment to be a good […]

Your life could change…today…

Isaac was an only child.  Well, he had a half brother, (an old family skeleton, they’d rather forget) but Ishmael was long gone now and Isaac was left at home with his elderly dad Abraham. His mum Sarah had died several years before. The family were wealthy landowners, had everything materially they could wish for, but Isaac was […]

It ain’t over, till the fat lady sings…?

My dad is pretty amazing.  People look at him and see a strong, Alpha male, principled, a bloke not afraid to speak his mind (and heart). And it’s true, he’s all of those things and much more.  He loves his family (and the dog!), is passionate about the truth, the Gospel and his first knee-jerk […]

Thoughts on Katie Hopkins and ‘the new Jesus’.

I was at the Church and Media Conference yesterday.  It’s a sort of boutique conference for Christians who work in media, PR and journalism and yesterday, one of the contributors was the much vilified (and in some circles, equally lauded) commentator and columnist Katie Hopkins. The conference itself had taken some flak for inviting her (though she […]