Please don’t judge me…

Recently, I was at a function when a man I’d never met before, walked up, said he’d spotted the tattoo on my wrist and asked what it was. I explained it was a Bible verse and I’d had it done about 4 years ago. ‘Do you know what the Bible says about tattoos?’ he asked, […]

Risen movie – the Jesus I know.

I’m not a film buff. I can’t spot subtle character nuances in films or speculate on what directors were trying to subconsciously communicate. But I do love a good movie with a clever plot and Risen (which I saw tonight) is just that. It tells the story of Clavius, a high-ranking Roman official serving under Pilate’s rule. […]

One good reason to stop posting your good deeds on Facebook

Picture the scene.  You’re in a fast food restaurant (choose your favourite) and a person who you suspect is homeless, walks in and then starts to pick up and eat food which has been left behind on trays. What do you do? You might ignore the unfolding situation. You might walk out in disgust.  You […]

The end is nigh….or is it?

One of my favourite films is Armageddon. It’s cheezy and has a highly improbable plot; an asteroid is plummeting toward Earth and when it hits, all life will be wiped out instantly.  Meteor showers have already blitzed parts of Europe and it’s up to one man, the world’s best oil driller, Harry Stamper, to be trained […]

When you’re not invited to the party.

Recently, I found myself sitting on the edge of a clique I wasn’t part of.  The large group of friends was huddled together, laughing, sharing funny in-jokes, and probably (hopefully) unaware that someone was sitting on the edge, feeling like they weren’t invited to the party.    I always used to think that only kids […]

What goes on behind closed doors…

I’m house-hunting at the moment, so most days, I flick through my property apps to see if anything catches my eye.  This morning, I stumbled across this listing and for a couple of minutes, was sort of transfixed by the awfulness of it.     Eek…what a crazy mess. Look at all the wine bottles? Why on […]

One Hell of a storm.

It had been a really long day.  Dusty, tired, achey, Jesus had walked miles, preached all day and everywhere he went, he was mobbed by people wanting more, more, more, help, healing, hope.…absolutely anything he could give them.   I suspect on the Myers Briggs scale, Jesus would have been an introvert.  He gave out a […]

Thoughts on Katie Hopkins and ‘the new Jesus’.

I was at the Church and Media Conference yesterday.  It’s a sort of boutique conference for Christians who work in media, PR and journalism and yesterday, one of the contributors was the much vilified (and in some circles, equally lauded) commentator and columnist Katie Hopkins. The conference itself had taken some flak for inviting her (though she […]