Are you a fake? Take the test. 

I read a news report recently about a pastor who had been forced by his Board to resign. In a statement, the Board said that he’d been repeatedly manipulative and selfish and was more interested in being at the front, than in pastoring the congregation. The statement also said they’d worked with him to fix […]

Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

I told a lie once. Ok, to be fair, I’m sure in my lifetime, I’ve probably fudged the truth more than once, but this one sticks out because it was such an extraordinary whopper.  It was a long time ago, in a previous job and I’d made a fairly catastrophic (accidental) error on a project. […]

A dirty little secret…

Recently, I’ve been following the devastating story of a US Christian personality who’s been on trial facing charges of child sexual assault. Yesterday, he was given a 40-year sentence and in summing up, the judge said, “I’m having a lot of trouble trying to reconcile two people in one orange jumpsuit before me; there’s the Christian man […]